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Web Commerce
At Interactive Data we had to get involved with Web Commerce to know how to help our clients! So we started a network of secure servers and commerce sites to find out what it takes to build successful Internet commerce sites. Other companies talk about how they can help you with e-commerce, we do it 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Check out our online stores below.
Interactive Data provides all the necessary requirements for successful E-Commerce:
  • Secure online ordering
  • Secure credit card processing via cybercash.com, authorize.net, or Paypal's PayFlow.
  • Phone order processing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Integrated warehousing
  • Product shipping (Via Integrated USPS and FedEx)
  • Web based order tracking
  • Integrated inventory
  • Payment processing
  • Customer service
Visit EDiecast Collectables Now!
Visit EDiecast Collectables Now!
EDiecast, your source for diecast collectables. This site features 1000's and 1000's of diecast and die-cast collectables all pictured, in stock, and ready to ship in under 24 hours! www.ediecast.es - Espaņol Viniendo 2009
Visit IdataSports Now!
Visit IdataSports Collectables Now!
IdataSports is Interactive Data's Professional Sports E-Commerce site. This site features sports collectable items from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA College sports. We have been dealing directly with professional athletes like Brett Favre for over 10 years! This site offers the most extensive line of autographed, un-autographed, Reebok, Jerseys, Apparel, and Novelties on the Internet! Most of our products are warehoused, pictured, in stock, and ready to ship in under 24 hours!
Visit Redwear Wisconsin Badgers Merchandise!
Visit Redwear Wisconsin Badgers Merchandise!
Redwear features over 1000 Wisconsin Badgers products ready to order online. We warehouse our products so we can ship in under 24 hours! We have a long history of selling Wisconsin Badgers Merchandise and cherish this web site as our first full blown e-commerce site.
Visit PackerTime Now!
Visit PackerTime Now!
Our Green Bay Packers merchandise web site PackerTime has been a real hit for Green Bay Packers Fans worldwide. We carry everything from cheeseheads to autographed Green Bay Packers game worn merchandise. This site also is backed up by our large warehouse to insure that Packers fans everywhere get their merchandise shipped in under 24 hours!
Visit Hatpinshop.com Now!
Visit Hatpinshop.com Now!
Our Hatpinshop.com Merchandise web site Hatpinshop.com was a new ECommerce Website in 2005. We haved started out with 100's and 100's of Vintage Hat Pin Collectables or Lapel Pins. This site also is backed up by our large warehouse, quality customer service department, and our reliable shipping in under 24 hours!

Don't forget to look at what we have done for our clients!

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